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What is a Supported Internship?

Our Supported Internship is a one year full time study programme for 16 – 24 year olds who have a Statement for Special Educational Needs or an Education and Health Care Plan. It includes an extended work placement with a local employer and provides access to a job for young people who want to work, but need a little extra support to do so. 

How do Supported Internships work?

In class Interns focus on developing their work and life skills as well as their English and Maths. We match the Interns skills, interests and aspirations to specific roles. Interns then go into an extended work placement with a view to paid employment at the end of the programme. Students remain in class for one day per week and continue to work on their areas for development that have been identified in the workplace. 

What are the benefits?

Is this programme suitable?

The success of this programme depends on an effective partnership between the employer, the Job Coach, the Intern and their family. The journey towards employment is exciting, yet challenging.

Interns will need to:

  • Travel independently, or commit to undertake travel training 
  • Have a strong commitment and aspiration to work 
  • Need an EHCP or Statement of Special Educational Needs 

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