Ben at BloQs

Ben has an interest in carpentry, geometry and mathematics and enjoys researching these topics in his spare time. With such varied interests Ben often enjoys having engaging and interesting conversations with others on a plethora of topics, often finding common ground and shared interests with people he meets. Despite this, Ben admits that he sometimes finds it difficult to work with others. At the start of the supported internship programme, when taking part in an employer visit to Beerblefish Brewery, Ben was able to practise his problem solving skills and explore how complex machinery works and operates. This enable Ben to work with others and demonstrate that working collectively as part of a team can be hugely beneficial as he was encouraged to listen to other peoples’ opinions and ideas. Ben has also taken part in some team building activities to build better cohesion between himself and his peers.  He’s played an active part in lessons and trips where he has experienced different work settings to get an idea of what it is like in the workplace.

Ben was very open-minded regarding the industry in which he would like to work. With his background in carpentry he was leaning towards hands-on work where his woodwork and creative skills can be utilised.  Having completed a vocational profile it was clear that he was not interested in working in an office environment.  With all of this information the SIP team were able to match him to a suitable work placement at BloQs.  At the time of writing Ben is doing a great job at work, has gelled well with his team and settled in to working life at BloQs.  He is well on his way to earning a paid job.

Ben – Intern: 

At the start of the programme Ben reflected, “This has already been a great learning experience for me. It has become obvious that I need to mature in order to succeed and achieve all that I want. I have made some new friendships that I am looking forward to exploring.”

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