Abdou thrives at Rapport

Abdou began his placement at Rapport at the beginning of November 2021 after meeting Monika at West Lea school’s Supported Internship Jobs Fair. Within minutes of meeting Monika Abdou knew that he wanted to be placed at Rapport and Monika was happy to give him the opportunity.

From the get go Abdou was made to feel extremely at ease and welcome by every single member of staff that he met. Every member of staff knew who Abdou was, and understood that he was on a supported internship and were aware of his needs and strategies to support him.  His Job Coach Kris was confident he would be given every opportunity to shine.

Abdou has been placed, in the short-term, under the fantastic supervision and tutorage of Joao.  Joao in partnership with Job Coach Kris devised a training programme for Abdou that will not only him into the job, but that will also arm him with a plethora of skills to be effective in the lobby. Abdou’s confidence has skyrocketed in his first few weeks, greeting users with a smile, directing them to the appropriate floor and announcing them by telephone. This is testament to Monika and her team who have supported and managed Abdou brilliantly. Monika and the team are keen for him to go from two days to three, and this enthusiasm is matched by Abdou himself.

Abdou has also quickly been made a part of the team, with staff inviting him out for lunch, showing him the local area and adding him to the team WhatsApp group, where he has already been active in messaging.

Despite English not being his first language, Abdou always takes himself out of his comfort zone in order to advance his opportunities in life. Through the supported internship and the support of Rapport Abdou is dedicated to being successful and demonstrating that he is keen to work hard. He has loved putting on a suit, learning new skills and being part of a dynamic team.

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